studio summer 2022

beaky's death 


5:05 minute video

an origin

My current work is the completion of a multi-year sculptural exploration of identity. This scrutiny has involved pulling from methodologies of post-minimalist, feminist, and cottagecore aesthetics. It seeks to combine them with material languages I have learned from various critters co-occupying my art studio: mostly a flock of four, uncaged parakeets and an occasional mouse. The overarching aim was to create a series of messy sculptures reconsidering not only the medium, but also my connections to the private and interpersonal structures of (middle class) White Womanhood. Critter-inspired visual devices have helped me navigate these reconsiderations both materially and conceptually. While working through this series early on, two such devices commonly repeated: chewing and caging. So, a direct way to frame what has motivated these works (there are fourteen) is: in each piece I seek to mash some kind of caging with some kind of chewing, and in so doing, handle something/substances of myself.

To be completed July 2023. 

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